January 25, 2005

Alex's traffic hypothesis <p> I didn't get my license until I was 18, and I can't follow directions worth a lick.... The way I see it is, there's 2 kinds of traffic, necessary and unnecessary. Necessary traffic has 3 causes: Weather - Rain, snow, glaring sunlight Accidents - On your side of the road or the other Overcrowding - Too many people trying to driving in the same direction Unnecessary traffic is caused by idiots.... After dealing with it a lot over the last year, I understand it better than I used to. While unnecessary jams are usually attributed to people driving too slow, I believe that's not the real problem.... I learned a lot of funny laws the summer I spent working in a Massachusetts courthouse, and the one I remember each time I'm making bad time on a highway is that it's technically illegal to stray from the right lane if you're not passing another driver. Perhaps that's only in Massachusetts, but the law ought to be on the books everywhere because it addresses the heart of our problem: 2 cars driving 70 MPH next to each other create a much bigger traffic issue than 1 car doing 55, even it's it's in the fastest lane.... Drivers who take offense at being passed on the right are ignoring the fact that they were able to be passed on the right because they were in the wrong lane for the speed at which they're driving. If you don't believe me, then do this little test the next time you're on the open road: watch how easily you fly by an old lady cruising at 10 below the limit, then observe how hard it is to get around 2 morons driving in sync like they're grounded Blue Angels. </p>


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