August 06, 2005

5 homes anywhere in the world <p> Here's the rules: You can have 5 residences anywhere in the world They can be of unlimited value They can be pre-existing or yet to be built We'll assume that, if you want the land, you can get it (If you decide you want to live in Fenway Park, that's fine within this game) Once you have these five homes, you can never buy another one (so you have to plan for a future a bit) You have to continue your career, although perhaps half-heartedly (change this rule around if it makes the conversation more interesting) Things I feel compelled to consider: Language barriers - Don't want to be fumbling through a Fijian to English dictionary if I need to make an emergency run to the hospital [and, yes, I know that Fiji's national language is English] Modern technology - don't want to be on an island in the middle of no where without high speed internet Access - I don't want to be far away from good food, golf, skiing, night life, Boston sports teams, my good friends, or my other houses Changing interests over time - While night life &#38; restaurants are high priorities now, down the road I figure that I'll care about decent schools and communities Boston - This is the best city in the world, so you start here and build around it as far as I'm concerned.... While the Cape is not exactly "easily accessible", it's close enough to Boston to make weekend jaunts an option, as well as entire weeks of vacation when time permits.... Deer Valley - When I was about 7 years old, my Dad got the silly idea to buy a moutainside condo on a moutain that had just been opened for skiing.... The idea was to cap the number of lift tickets sold on a given day, cater to novice skiiers, and focus on the entire skiing experience (i.e. the dining hall, the instructors, etc.) not just the amount of snow. They were very successfuly in this endeavor ( #1 rankings in grooming, services, on-mountain cuisine and #2 rankings for access and dining), and it became probably the best place in the world to learn how to ski.... Deer Valley also has the added perk over other ski resorts in that it hosts the Sundance Film Festival every year, so you can either attend and hobnob, or rent your place out and make a fortune.... The nice thing about having your own island would be that you wouldn't have to spend any time with anyone you didn't expressly permit to set foot on your island.... You'd get good at wasting time in a hurry, so you'd have to bring lots of books and read them from a hammock or from an infiniti hot tub.... San Francisco - Though I've never found SF to be terribly family friendly, it's central to all sorts of fun outdoor activities and scenery (e.g. wine tasting, hiking, long walks on the beach, etc.). </p>


I'm a Sox fan first and a Harvard Business School student second.

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