December 06, 2007

Johnny27: This is fantastic! A friend of mine recently invested in a new startup called Johnny27, and it's a great product. Here's the idea: you send a text message with any question you can think of to 272727, and you get a response in ~5 minutes or less with the answer. Questions can be broad, or really specific. The answers are thoughtful, typed by a human, and better than I could usually do with a laptop and a bunch of time to explore Google. Examples form my Q&A with Johnny: Q: How much has Patriots player Rodney Harison [sic] been fined in his NFL career? A: Rodny Harrison has been fined $350,000 during his career. His last fine was $5000 during the Ravens game for tuanting [sic] the Ravens Coach. Q: Where is the best place in Cambridge to get a massage in Cambridge, MA, 7 where is the best pedicure? [Lisa was curious to see what they'd say] A: For a massage try Healthworks Fitness, they have a great spa 617-970-4454. They are also rated highly for their fabulous pedicures. Enjoy the spa! Q: What is a good recipe for eggnog? A: 1 qt. Whipping Cream. 1 qt. Bourbon Whiskey. 1 pt. Whole Milk. 1 pt. Brandy. Punch cup Rum, 12 eggs. Separte [sic] Yolks and Whites, mix separate & Combine Q: What's a good substitute for vermouth if I'm cooking and I'm out of vermouth? A: White win is a good substitute for vermouth in cooking. Try sauvignon blanc, if possible. Sadly, it's not free. I'm in the middle of a beta period, where I get to try it for free, and then it becomes $1.99 per question. The price shoes up in my phone bill at the end of the month. I won't be using it for such trivial information, but I can definitely imagine using this to find a good restaurant when traveling, to settle bets over obscure sports statistics when out late with guys, or to get recommendations for all sorts of things I don't know much about (hotels, gift ideas, etc.). I'm pretty facile with Google on my iPhone, but there are situations where either I'm out of range from the EDGE network and can't surf the web or I am in the middle of something else and can't be bothered to tune everything out and stare at my phone. This is perfect for times like that. It...


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