December 21, 2007

NEXT POST Use it My friend, 'Dre, recently left a stable job at a huge company to live the dream at a sweet start-up: TripIt. The site is awesome, and she deserves to get rich as a result. The concept is so simple: organize all of your travel itinerary details in one place, and make it dead simple. Example: You book a flight through, and they send you a confirmation email with the details. Forward the confirmation to [email protected], and you're set. But wait, you also make a reservation to eat on this trip through Forward their confirmation email to [email protected]. You book a hotel, a car rental, a train ride? Forward on the info. What if you don't get a confirmation email? Their site is so easy to use, it doesn't matter. They do a better job of explaining their product than I do. Check out their explanation and demo. It's well worth using if your traveling on your own, but the site really shines when you're coordinating travel across a group of people. Now everyone has one common place to share all their itinerary info. 2 other benefits that I can no longer live without: They create a calendar based on all your info, which automatically pops up in my computer's calendar program, iCal, but works in Google Calendar, or whatever else you use. If you have to drive anywhere while you're on your trip, and can pre-load directions from Google Maps, and they'll be built into your itinerary. They have all sorts of fun little touches too, like being able to assign a custom picture to your trips so you can see which trip is which out of a list. This is the ideal kind of web2.0 site: well thought out and constantly improved. Go sign up for an account, and the next time you book a flight, send them your info. You'll be hooked.


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