February 04, 2008

How limits make me better I love taking on creative projects, but it's a little depressing when they don't turn out well. I've "produced" a number of songs on my Mac, and they make me chuckle, but I won't let anyone else hear them. Well, I think of Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, and my two blogs (TypePad and Tumblr) as ongoing, public creative projects. I'm proud when I put up fun or insightful content, and I get down on myself when I haven't posted in a while. Here's where limits come in: I rarely fall behind on my Twitter or Tumblr posting, because, the way those sights have built their technology, the most you can possibly hope to do with a single post is still pretty simple. It's hard to imagine spending more than 90 seconds updating either. This is great, because I don't put mounting pressure on myself to do an increasingly better job with those projects. My TypePad blog (this site that you're reading), however, feels a bit daunting at times. I feel like posts here should be longer, contain original content, and frequent. Lately, I'm finding that I don't enjoy this form of expression as much as Twitter and Tumblr, because of the pressure that comes with it. My response will be the following: instead of posting roughly weekly, as I have been since October of 2004 (even though my archives are incomplete), I'll be posting closer to monthly, going forward. I recommend you subscribe to the site via RSS, through something like Google Reader or NetNewsWire, which are both excellent, free tools that prevent the problem of frequently checking sites, usually blogs, that may or may not have new content since your last visit. I'm looking for a way to integrate all of the above listed projects into a single site, so that you'll be able to see my pictures, videos, links and commentary all in a single place. I'd even settle for something like what Zach Klein did, where he has a single page that links to everything. AlexBain.com is supposed to serve that purpose, but it's sorely in need of an update. In the meantime, I'm going to have my Twitter posts streaming into my other blog, MaximumAlexBain.com, so that you can get 95% of what I'm doing all in one place. If you have this site bookmarked, I'd probably replace it with a bookmark to that site. I'll make...


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