April 30, 2008

Some thoughts on Superbowl XLII Here's what I have to say about the game last night: The game called to mind the quote from Varsity Blues (but substitute Matt Light or Ellis Hobbs for Billy Bob): Oh, Big Billy Bob Crybaby!? You cost me my perfect season. How's it feel? My quarterback is off limping, and to top it off I got watch you cry about it? The Pats worst offensive player, Matt Light, and worst defensive player, Ellis Hobbs, both really cost the team. Even if Light couldn't have held off the impressive Giants D-line, it'd have been great if he could have remembered the snap count. Likewise, I know that covering Plaxico is a tall order for Hobbs, but it's not like he forced him to make a super-human catch on that final touchdown; he practically broke his ankles when Plaxico threw one juke at him, and he watched the catch from the ground as the game slipped away from us. Writers are going to write articles about how we lost because of the bad karma from "cheating" in game 1. Writers are going to write articles about how beautiful it is that two brothers won consecutive SuperBowl MVPs. these will be crappy articles. Some writer will eventually write an article about how, even though we lost, the 2007 Pats still have to be mentioned among the greatest all-time teams. It was a curious decision not to kick a 48 or 49 yard field goal earlier in the game, opting instead to attempt to convert on 4th and 13. I'd have to love to have had those 3 points at the end of the game, but perhaps Belichick knew something about our kicker that I don't. I don't know why the refs forced the Giants to run that final play to get the last second off the clock. That was a crappy move, and some idiot writer will claim Belichick should have sat around and watched it. No rational person could have predicted that the Giants would win the game, and just because they did doesn't prove those people right. I've heard people mention that this game may have been the biggest upset of all-time. This drives me crazy. People in the media must not want to mention Vegas for fear of sounding like a degenerate gambler, but gambling lines are necessary to back statements like "biggest upset" or "we get no respect"....


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